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Tuesday, July 22, 2003
I've seen Titus Andronicus on stage. I've seen the movie. But I've never seen it as a musical.

Tomorrow night, that will all change.

(Well, technically, I guess only the last bit will change. I still will have seen it on stage and as a movie.)

Monday, July 21, 2003
I signed up for Distributed Proofreaders a couple of days ago, and did my first half-dozen pages tonight. It's associated with Project Gutenberg, which converts public domain texts into electronic form and distributes them free over the Internet. Distributed Proofreading allows many people to share the work of proofreading OCR'ed text. Once you register and start working on a project, the web site displays an image of one page along with the scanned text. The first-pass proofreading corrects misscanned words, removes hyphenation over page breaks, regularizes the formatting, etc. A second-pass proofreader then checks the first person's work, and when all the pages have been done a project manager puts the pages together and does a final pass of the text.

Sunday, July 20, 2003
From RISKS Digest:

At least they should then have created a brilliant logo.....

If you were a company called Powergen and you had a subsidiary that operated in Italy, what would you call that company's Web site?.

Probably not

But they really did.

Update: It's not true.

It should be pointed out that while the unfortunately named
really exists, and it has caused much merriment in other newsgroups, too, it
is not the website of Powergen's [a British power company] Italian
subsidiary. As far as I know, Powergen does not even have an Italian

I was a little skeptical, but unfortunately not enough.

Bursitis occurs when one of your joints secretes too much fluid, either from an infection or because of overwork or trauma. Symptoms include "pain, swelling, redness, and heat" (according to a site I Googled). That describes my elbow perfectly, except for the pain, the redness, and the heat. The swelling and the fluid are definitely present, though. There's a soft knob bulging out from my elbow that's soft to the touch and that I can jiggle back and forth.

I've been meaning to see a rheumatologist for some time now, and this seems like a good time. As best as I can tell from nearly five minutes of research, the treatment is to drain the fluid and test it for signs of an infection. If there's an infection, you treat it. If there isn't, you rest the joint and see if the fluid comes back.

The following letter from Steven Patt is an encouraging sign that Bush's honeymoon with the press may be ending:

Dana Priest and Dana Milbank described President Bush's statement that the United States gave Saddam Hussein "a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in" as "appearing to contradict the events leading up to war" [front page, July 15].

Wouldn't "a preposterous and outrageous lie" be a more accurate description of the president's statement?

Even a few months ago, a letter criticizing Bush so bluntly would have been unthinkable in a major American newspaper.
I started a LiveJournal journal, mostly so I can post non-anonymous comments to other people's posts, but partly to try it out. I do like the ability to have people comment on my posts. My userid over there is stevendj (desjardins was taken), and the URL is


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