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Sunday, June 01, 2003
I've been meaning to blog this quote from the Washington Post:

Initially, President Bush did not include money for the states in his tax cut proposal, as administration officials took the position that states had their own fiscal irresponsibility to thank for their budget crises.

Are these people dead to irony or what? Is it now the official administration position that having a budget shortfall is "fiscal irresponsibility"?

The Justice Department is prosecuting someone for holding up an anti-Bush sign outside a "Free Speech Zone". They claim that he was in violation of a law allowing the Secret Service to restrict access to areas around the President, but acknowledge that if he had given up the sign he would have been allowed to stay, so this prosecution is clearly about the message this gentleman was trying to send and not about his physical presence. Barney Frank (one of the coolest Congressmen around) has posted a letter pointing out that the entire country is a Free Speech Zone, and calling on the Justice Department to withdraw this unjust prosecution.
The Bushes at Auschwitz:

At one point Mr. Bush turned to Ms. Swiebocka and asked, "Do people challenge the accuracy of what you present?" Mr. Fleischer, who was accompanying the president a few paces behind, said he could not hear the answer.

Why do Republican Presidents do this? There was Reagan at Bitburg, of course, and the first Bush's reaction to Auschwitz, "Boy, they were big on crematoriums, weren't they?", and of course the anti-Jewish slurs on the Nixon tapes. (To be fair, I can't think of anything Ford said about Jews, but then, I can't think of anything Ford said about anything else either.) If sucking up to Nazis isn't beyond the pale, then what is?


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