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Friday, May 16, 2003
Jo Walton is a treasure. Her latest journal entry grumbles about computer operating systems, which for most people would not be an opportunity for greatly original observations, but in her hands is a chance for some really cool prose.

Dos is like an old dog. It knows the old tricks really well, it's eager and even enthusiastic to go through them for me, but it can't learn new tricks any more.

Windows is like a teenage thug, it won't do what you want, it swears it did, it won't communicate, it leaves trash all over the place, it breaks things, then it laughs at you when it thinks you're not looking.

Linux is like a geek, it's very busy doing very important things like running the universe, and it would help you but it thinks you ought to be able to figure stuff out for yourself.

Of course, it's really the Windows quote that's great and that makes me quote all this.

Monday, May 12, 2003
China Miéville's Top 10 Weird Fiction. I'll have to check some of these out when my to-be-read pile gets a bit shorter.


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