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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Via Daily Kos, I see that Norm Coleman is now claiming that he is "a 99 percent improvement over Paul Wellstone". The folks over there are making the usual liberal partisan hay over what some might see as a tasteless remark, but I'd like to praise Norm (can I call him Norm?) for his modesty. After all, he could easily have said he was twice as good as Wellstone, but, not wanting to exaggerate, he said he was only 1.99 times as good. A lesser man might have been tempted to round things off, but not Norm. You could almost suspect him of showing off, of ostentatiously displaying his ability to compute relative worth to three significant digits, but that would be unjust. I know that I personally would have a hard time computing my own worth in terms of Wellstones (or the more common milliwellstone). Sure, I vote and I blog, but how do you stack that up against being a great Senator and a heroic champion of liberalism? It's like comparing apples and much smaller apples. But Norm--well, comparing him to Wellstone is more like comparing two apples with a very small piece cut out to one single apple.


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